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Smoking History

Here's a short RKW smoking history:

bulletI started smoking when I was 12 years old. I was very good at stealing my Dad's Chesterfields. I'm now 53; that's 41 years of smoking.
bulletI've averaged about a pack a day for the entire 40+ years I've smoked. That's roughly 288,000 cigarettes. More than a quarter of a million cigarettes...Wow. Placed end-to-end, that's over 15 MILES of cigarettes. It seems like I've used up my share.
bulletThe only times I have successfully quit smoking for more than a day or so in the past 40 years were during specific sports seasons for 3 years of high school. I would quit for about 3 months. The last time was in 1965.
bulletMy favorite attempted quit experience (in retrospect) was in either 1968 or 1969 when two of my brightest friends and I decided that we were going to quit by simply directly substituting marijuana for tobacco. A couple of days later we realized that not only were we smoking way more cigarettes, but we hadn't left my houseboat, were completely out of food and had, one more time, proven to our girlfriends that we were absolute idiots.
bulletAbout 4 years ago I stopped smoking in the main body of my very small (400 sq. ft. +/-) house. I started out by making myself go outside to smoke. This fell back to hanging out a window in my sunroom. Better than nothing, but clearly still smoking. This one thing did cut my cigarette consumption from over 2 packs a day to a little over a pack a day, where it has remained. (See Prep & Lead Up Page for current preparation.)
bulletAt the same time as the above (I was setting up for a quit attempt that never happened), I started wrapping my cigarette packs with various custom labels. This was amusing, but didn't help a bit...all I was doing was smoking cigarettes that came out of packs with skulls or a leering Jesse Helms on them. You can see a couple of the labels here.