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Quitting Smoking WebLog

By Richard K. Worthington (email)

Site last updated September 20, 2009

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Welcome to hell. Enjoy the film.

I quit smoking on October 1st, 2000. This website is an ongoing real-time diary and log/journal of my experience quitting. Is it honest? Pretty much so, unless I kill someone in the process; I'm not likely to reveal that to the world. Just click on the links to the left for more stuff.

Why this website? Well, there is a fair to middling chance that my personality will disintegrate right before your eyes. Hell, if it was someone else, I'd want to see that.

Why am I quitting smoking? Aside from the fact that it will kill me, if it hasn't already, it was just plain time for me to quit. Smoking is idiotic, and while I'm not the brightest of humans, I'm not completely low-functioning. I have a wide-ranging circle of close friends and, with a couple of out-of-town exceptions, I was the only one who smoked. I live in Seattle, the center of the universe when it comes to low tolerance for smoking. Most of all I hate the idea of wanting to smoke all the time; of my life being controlled by a habit and/or an addiction. Lastly, I hate the right-wing politics of the tobacco industry, along with their dishonesty and bullshit advertising.

I pinned the smoking meter at 10 for all the reasons I smoked. I loved to smoke. I love everything about it. But I'm done. Fin.

As an editorial aside, it was 100% my own responsibility that I smoked. It wasn't the evil (and they are evil) tobacco companies, it wasn't my parents, it wasn't mysterious mind control by magical ad agencies, it wasn't entirely (or necessarily) the culture in which I grew up...it was me. My very own fault. I was a smoking moron.

Feel free to hang out with me while I do this...I'll try to keep a sense of humor about it.

Stay tuned...